Ecoaventura, campismo profesional is an independent based travel, fully licensed, Mexican company, offering adventure, scientific, educational and recreational tours, during holidays and vacations in western Mexico, providing a real sightseeing of Mexico - culture, history, landscape and natural world

We made commitments to offer:

• a flexible and rapid response, to all your inquiries

• creativity. As we recognize that each group or individual is different, we ensure that the maximum creative energy goes into each group we handle, both large and small, so that we far exceed our clients travel expectations in México;

• the best value for money available for the level of service required;

• respect for environment, culture and local people;

• unique travel experience that transcend the boundaries of the traditional adventure travel tour;

• a sense of responsibility and commitment to protecting and preserving the environment;

• a learning environment that promotes the sharing of each client's motivation, background, perspectives, interests and strengths;

• leadership development, especially to the youth;

• and provide a safe, adventurous learning environment that offers the guidance, support and encouragement teenagers need to succeed;

• helping the youth to reach beyond and discover what they can achieve through challenging experiences, both theoretical and practical.

Ecoaventura, campismo profesional offers a complete holiday and expedition planning service for people looking for something beyond the normal package tour - particularly for those concerned about the impact of tourism on the developing world's highly sensitive environments and cultures.

We are constantly working to build greater awareness of the highly sensitive and vulnerable nature of the environment and to enhance respect for traditional values and culture.

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